Workers shop early for Tet at the free and discount booths

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Workers shop early for Tet at the free and discount booths

Being present at the program "Tet Gathering - Spring Sharing" associated with the program "Tet Trade Union Market", free booths on the occasion of 2024 Lunar New Year coordinated by the  Bac Giang Provincial Labor Federation with a number of organizations, many workers are still very happy because even though they don't have money, they can still buy Tet items; or buy discounted products with vouchers of 50,000 VND.

On the evening of January 27th, after finishing the working session, Ms. Do Thi Thao and her colleague Nguyen Thi Hang (working together in Quang Chau Industrial Park, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province) stopped by the "Tet Trade Union Market", free booth, held at the land of Hosiden Co., Ltd. - near their workplace.

Ms. Thao was given a 50,000 VND voucher by the grassroots union, valid on January 27th. After a while of choosing and comparing prices, this female worker decided to buy 90,000 VND in vermicelli (including 50,000 VND in vouchers).

In addition, Ms. Thao also received free cooking oil and potatoes at the free  booth.

“These are the first items I bought to prepare for the upcoming Lunar New Year. For workers with many difficulties like us, receiving support from the trade union with free vouchers or discounts is extremely valuable. I am very happy to be able to purchase these much needed food items. This Tet, my family has more ingredients to make family meals more diverse" - the female worker shared.

The 28th day of the lunar calendar is just Tet holiday, but Ms.Thao already feels that Tet has really come back with items in hand...

Ms. Nong Thi Chuyen (a worker at Quang Chau Industrial Park) said that she was given a voucher for 0 VND, but because the voucher was valid on January 29th, she only came on the evening of January 27 to look at the items. If there is something that fits my budget, I will buy it.
“Today I only spent 20,000 VND for 3 boxes of milk. When I leave for home, I will bring it for my children, along with the items at the free booth that I am about to receive" - Ms. Chuyen said.

According to the Bac Giang Provincial Labor Confederation, at the "Tet Gathering - Spring Sharing" program associated with the "Tet Trade Union Market" program, the free booth, the Bac Giang Provincial Labor Confederation gave out 4,000 free vouchers and 4,000 vouchers worth 50.000VND/each. Workers with difficulty will receive these vouchers from the grassroots trade union to buy goods at the program. This year, the program takes place from January 27th - 29th with many diverse activities.

There are 120 booths selling products at preferential prices, 0 VND for workers and workers in difficult circumstances. In addition, workers can also participate in cultural activities "Sing for the workers - Listen to the workers sing"; propaganda and legal advice; lucky draw; Sticky rice cake wrapping contest; fruit tray presentation; free motorbike oil change...

Mr. Nguyen Van Canh - Chairman of the Bac Giang Provincial Labor Confederation - said that the "Tet Reunion" program is a meaningful activity, organized annually by the of Labor Federation  of the province for workers in the Industrial Park. In the past 10 years, the Provincial Labor Federation has organized 9 times; Labor Federation of districts, towns, cities and industry and grassroots trade unions organized 5.8 thousand times the "Tet Reunion" program.

“This activity demonstrates the role and responsibility of the Trade Union in caring for and protecting the legal and legitimate rights and interests of union members, workers and employees; helps them access quality goods, products, and services at preferential prices" - Mr. Canh said.

Translator: Le Quang Minh


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